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Shenzhen happiness living in science fiction

Date: 2018-12-02

On November 23, 2018 - with no one to sell to buy breakfast on board, brush face the ticket, take the driverless cars, listening to the artificial intelligence to read news, elevator on transparent landscape, the air in the roller office, rest garden in the air, sending and receiving express, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) by drinking a cup of coffee, sent by robots with screen demonstration meeting can be folded, brush face from work...These like that occur only in science fiction film scene, already entered the shenzhen people's real life.
Is dedicated to the sustainable development of the world of "innovation" in shenzhen, because the arrival of the Chinese science fiction convention on November 23, and on the colour of a layer of science fiction.Shenzhen will be able to become a "city of science", become a hot topic.
In fact, in this high-tech green city, people already can enjoy and match reality technology in science fiction works of art.Unmanned, and supermarkets, no bank and other artificial intelligence services, in imperceptible in into the life of people.
First opened in 2015, shenzhen is no restaurant, dinner buffet order all the way, there is no waiter help to order.Today, despite the streets everywhere the unmanned vending machine, but also there are unmanned, waving to, can automatically follow the unmanned mobile shops, and the first to open 24 hours a day and convenience, 24 hours no one bookstore and no supermarket checkout.
24 hours no convenience store, in 2017 into the shenzhen people's lives.On August 8, 2017, the store's first unmanned convenience store "Well Go", officially debut in shenzhen nanshan store opened headquarters building.The unmanned convenience store is a dark gray container "big box", more than 300 kinds of commodities on display in the 12 square meters of space, through a glass, can see clearly in the box.
Choose to buy goods, put them in the register induction area, screen will appear a qr code, shopping details and amount will be shown after the scan, complete payment, carrying goods in the induction of your departure for two seconds, the convenience store will automatically open the door.Once you have not pay for goods, there will be a voice prompt.At the same time, also can be in self-service coffee machine away buy a cup of coffee.
On July 18, 2018, shenzhen's first "bookstore" - longgang shenzhen book city city "ABU e unattended bookstore" open their doors.For the first time and is also the biggest domestic area by using the combined entity of face recognition acquisition and self-help cashier bookstore.Brush a few seconds to register "face" into the shop, all kinds of intelligent device, the waterfall display screen, smart middle office, transparent, choose the self-service checkout, brush "face" to go out, shopping experience full of sense of the future.
On November 8, in the futian free trade zone, from more than 20 countries and regions such as the us and UK law of domain experts, more than 80 transportation experience a handful of shenzhen unmanned bus bus group.Shenzhen bus group developed intelligent driving buses "alpha", in vehicle technology and configuration has been upgraded to version 2.0.It has no cab, steering wheel and clutch facilities, fully automated driving, able to identify traffic lights and traffic signs, and equipped with remote control function, ensure the safety of vehicle.
At the end of October this year, shenzhen SEC will publish the shenzhen smart snatched road driving test the first open directory path, open in nine administrative areas, a total of 19 diangong road area, providing intelligent driving test, road mileage total about 124 kilometers.
In addition to trying to bus, shenzhen metro will also take a drone.On November 22, 16 line "4 s shop" - joint Tian Xin car depot repair started on library construction.16 line connecting the universiade new town, longgang center city, ping shan station and plateau mountainous area and other regions, will be opened to traffic in 2023, this is a possible will use automatic operation system of metro lines.This means that passengers are expected to experience the subway along the "unmanned" black science and technology.
On the 20th CHTF, driverless cars technology fully show in shenzhen.Shenzhen poem navigation intelligent technology co., LTD. CEO Ren Yi said, American society for automotive engineering (SAE) autopilot can be divided into L0, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5 six grades.L5 level is the highest level, named fully automated driving.
Shenzhen high-tech companies have bottom spirit, however, provides the high level automatic driving ahead of plan.Autopilot start-up company headquartered in shenzhen Roadstar. Ai exhibited a prototype, is an application of L4 solution, aimed at a comprehensive upgrade China's complex urban road performance.
In the medical field, shenzhen has completed the first robot fencing spinal surgery.
On June 30, 2018, in "shenzhen health three engineering series activities - 2018 shenzhen spine peak BBS and elite international seminar", live a "ou" Dr Robot assisted spinal surgery, surgery by shenzhen second people's hospital, director of the spine wen-yu zhou and professor of Peking University third hospital orthopedic muppet.
"Ou" Dr. Is shenzhen cultivate new technology products, the orthopaedic robot by shenzhen xin jun intelligent medical instrument co., LTD., independent research and development.Because the operation with the help of Dr "ou", only lasted 1.5 hours, compared to the original operation shortened about 1 hours, and intraoperative X-ray irradiation to reduce as much as 80%, significantly reduce the time cost and the operation risk.
Class, brush brush face face rush, brush, brush face withdrawal stops, the sci-fi scenarios and has entered people's lives in shenzhen.Unconsciously, shenzhen has entered the "brush face era".
When staying in a hotel, front desk will be asked to show identity card, forgot to bring my id card, is also very troublesome.From June 1, with no certificate can also stay in shenzhen hotel, as long as the face brush, generates a temporary identity credential, confirm it to the front desk to check-in.
Relying on the shenzhen municipal public security bureau police of the people's livelihood deep platform, developed convenient measures "" not carry certificates at the hotel, was officially opened on June 1.Within the scope of the hotel in shenzhen without valid credentials to carry passengers, can through the platform of shenzhen police of the people's livelihood "detection" as recognition of real operation.Than after, the system will automatically generate temporary identity credential "electronic", complete identity information registration.

Brush through the "face", not only can authenticate, also can undertake pension qualification, shopping, package, transportation law enforcement also can brush a face.
On May 1, shenzhen traffic police law enforcement brush "face", through the facial recognition of electronic police, the special industry groups through a red light, non-motor vehicle road, the loss of driving traffic violation for "brush face" law enforcement.
Illegal behavior is captured, the shenzhen traffic police background data compare quickly, quickly locked the illegal and the contact information, and shall notify to the illegal information.After receiving the illegal information, if have no objection to their own traffic law, the parties can be directly through the star customer service, to deal with illegal online.
In shenzhen, by train, the high-speed rail will brush face station;The entry and exit will brush face customs clearance;Shenzhen provident fund launch brush to find accumulation fund business face;China merchants bank in shenzhen early implementation brush face a withdrawal...
On November 23 to 25, the third annual science conference held in shenzhen, science fiction higher-ups from all over the world gathered in shenzhen, will also feel the charm of shenzhen science and intelligent life."Fantasy unbounded, Shared future" of the conference theme, is also the theme of the shenzhen people live.